Most companies transporting internationally face reoccurring logistics problems. 在CLN Worldwide, our management service coordinates the entire supply chain and solves transportation and regulatory challenges.
We are a passionate group of professionals with expertise in areas ranging from transportation, 海关, 合规, 对分布, 法律, 和金融.
物流可能是一个迷宫. 一个问题引出三个问题. 我们的团队会帮助你走出迷宫.

As a cross-functional team of logistics experts, we help clients navigate areas of transportation. Our focus is not on an individual product group or service offering but rather a comprehensive approach to effectively managing and optimizing the supply chain.

CLN提供全方位的端到端物流bat365官方. Our services are customized and tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Our Single Source Global Management System provides the structure and support to drive industry leading performance and results from each of our service areas. (CLN条款及条件)




众所周知,他是一位注重增长和销售的领导者, 米德尔顿是SecureGlobal 物流的前老板兼首席执行官, 他领导了这家公司近22年,并于2021年5月出售.
最近, he was the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) for ServiceMaster Trifecta Cleaning and Restoration bat365官方.

He holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in General Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University.

米德尔顿主持过许多董事会, 建立组织, 拥有企业, and hired effective management and sales teams by quickly developing trusted and confident relationships.
超过40年的组织管理和领导经验, he has served as a business and career mentor to countless individuals and is admired for his caring commitment to helping others grow both personally and professionally.



大卫Sitton是CLN Worldwide董事会主席. He co-founded the company in 2002 after initially starting his career in Dubai in the late 1990’s.

David previously led the organization to an average compounded annual growth rate of 23.过去16年增长了8%.

他在国际物流工作了20多年, David has worked with leading companies around the world including Ralph Lauren, 特雷克斯公司, 埃克森美孚, 日产, and dozens of middle market and emerging growth companies to build and manage complex global supply chains.

作为这个领域的领导者, David has assisted a number of start-ups in the logistics and technology space over the last two decades and currently runs one of the most successful full service International 物流 firms in the southeast serving the middle market.

大卫在大学里就国际物流问题发表过演讲, 政府同业公会, 以及行业协会.

David is on the board of a number of Industry, governmental, and non-profit boards. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a License U.S. 报关行.



卡米tommeador一路是CLN Worldwide的首席运营官. She is responsible for CLN’s Operating Strategy and Implementation, 提供CLN业界领先的bat365官方.

Her focus in this role and areas of expertise include: The development of cross-functional teams, 以客户为中心的解决方案, 可扩展的组织结构.

In more than 15 years with CLN Worldwide, Cami has helped create the unique culture that is CLN. It is reflected in retention rates of employees and clients that have remained in the 95th percentile throughout that period.

Cami leads a local area non-profit and has served as a member of its board for more than 20 years. The organization has provided collegiate scholarships for hundreds of students during that period.

Cami has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Master’s in Organization Development from Queen’s University. 她在这一领域发表了几部作品.



卡罗尔的危险性于2015年成为CLN的董事会成员. He is responsible for coaching and mentorship in areas of procedural implementation and overall business development.

他的职业生涯始于20世纪70年代,在TBWA工作了5年, 法国的一家广告公司, 作为众多分销机构的品牌经理, 葡萄酒促销活动, 以及包括高露洁在内的各种消费品公司.

From there Carol led the pet food division in Europe as the VP of Marketing at M&M火星.

In 1980 Carol started his own company, ADDE – a data analysis software geared towards marketing. The objective was to make KPI’s and potential opportunities easily accessible and visible to marketing managers with little-to-no computer knowledge. ADDE introduced the first business graphic software to generate automated dashboards and was awarded Best Software by Apple just 2 years later.

把ADDE卖给VNU (VNU后来收购了尼尔森), Carol became a small business coach and consultant to entrepreneurs in both France and the United States.


"When I contacted CLN we were almost in a panic to have a package delivered to the UK before Christmas. Due to an oversight on our part we had less than a week to get our customer’s packages to the UK. 我们试图自己解决这个问题,但没有成功. 一旦我联系了CLN,我就知道我们得到了很好的照顾. Woody and team acted quickly to coordinate not only getting the packages on a flight but also arranged a courier in the UK to deliver the packages to the recipient’s residence so they would have their gifts prior to Christmas. Without the help of CLN our reputation would be permanently tarnished with our customer. We can’t say thank you enough for resolving our mistake and saving Christmas for our valued customer."


”We have been working with CLN for over 10 years – since the beginning of Polar Bear Coolers. 他们有一个很棒的团队和完美的bat365官方, which allows us to focus on our business without the worry of any import hassles. CLN让我们觉得自己是最重要的, which is why I never consider using another forwarder in a highly competitive marketplace."

Geoff Cole,北极熊冷却器公司

“自2004年以来,CLN一直在处理我们所有的全球物流. They have helped us ship cranes from every corner of the globe; from Brazil to Dubai. CLN为我们简化了一个复杂的过程."